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Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Item 1) – Uttapam

Most of us, always think of what to eat for breakfast? So, I thought to share a few of my quick, easy and healthy breakfast recipes with you all. Here goes,

Uttappam is a South Indian dish and mainly served as breakfast or snacks. Traditional Uttappam has consisted only of onions & green Chilli. Now a day, we add the vegetable like carrot, tomatoes, capsicum, Green leave vegetables, etc on top of uttapam for more health benefits. As it is a fermented food, it is highly nutritious and easy to digest. You can find more on benefits of fermented food in NDTV food site.

Ingredients for Uttapam:

Rice – 1 cup
Split Black Gram (Urad dal) – 1/2 cup
Carrot – 2
Onion – 1 sliced
Green Chilli – 3 or 4 (cut in round shape)
Oil – as per requirement
Salt – as per taste

Note: You can add more vegetable other the Carrot like Tomatoes, Capsicum, Peas, and beans (sliced very thin) on top of Uttapam

Recipe of Uttapam:

Clean and soak Split Black gram and Rice one day before for 4-5 hours in Summer and 9 -8 hours in Winter (sometimes it may take 1 day for the Split Black gram to soak properly for the batter in Winter). Make a thick batter of both the ingredients (like idli batter). Add required salt in it and keep aside for night for fermentation. Fermentation will raise the quantity of the batter and make it soft. Now, Add sliced onions and green chilies in the batter. Also, Grate the carrots and keep it aside.

Heat the Pan in medium flame. Once heat, add little oil and spread it all over the pan. Now make small dosa (thicker than a normal dosa or say like pancakes) from the batter. Apply oil on tpa edges of uttapam and sprinkle grated carrot on top of it. And close the pan with the lid for 1-2 mins. Now, after removing the lid, flip the uttapam and wait for 1-2 mins. Take the Uttapam in Plate and have it with chutney.

Ingredients of Coconut Chutney:

Grated Coconut – 1 cup
Split Bengal gram (Chana dal) – 1 tablespoon
Green chilies – 2-3
Red Chili – 1
Ginger – a small piece
Mustard Seeds – 1 spoon
Tamarind – 1 full piece( if the sour level of tamarind is less, add 1 more piece)
Cumin seeds – ½ spoon
Curry Leaves – 6-7 leaves
Salt – as per taste
Water – as required
Oil – 2-3 spoons

Coconut Chutney Recipe:

In a small bowl, clean tamarind and soak in a ½ cup of water. Take a pan and add 1 tablespoon of oil, add grated Coconut, Green Chilies, Ginger and Split Bengal gram (Chana dal) and fry for 2 minutes. Remove the pan from gas and let the mixture cool. Now, Grind all the mixture and add salt and tamarind water in the mixture for the smooth batter. If you still feel chutney is thick add water accordingly. Keep the chutney paste in a bowl.

Heat the pan again and add oil. Once oil heats add Mustard Seeds, Cumin seeds, Curry Leaves and Red Chili. Now pour this on the chutney and mix well.